Detoxane - Detox city cream

Detoxane cleans off and protects skin cells against dangerous molecules. The purified extract of Swiss garden cress sprouts, with its highest concentration of phytonutrients, activates the skin detoxification system and enhances the resistance of the skin against pollutants and environmental stress factors. The concentrate of minerals and amino acids of the soft water pearl powder Illuminates the complexion. Detoxan is a must when living in polluted cities or environment.

€45.00 incl tax

Sébaline - Anti-imperfection cream

Sébaline restores a healthy complexion and provides prone to acne skins with an optimal comfort. This cream based on sugar cane extracts and zinc oxide limits the excess of sebum and unclogs the pores of their impurities while respecting the epidermal structure.

€45.00 incl tax

Sensyline - Gentle mask sensitive and redness skins

This gel mask has been specially designed for the treatment of sensitive and reactive skins. Its actives, based on Ginko biloba and Ruscus extracts combined with Safflower oil, regulate the circulation in the capillaries and regenerate the skin. Sensyline relieves congestion and soothes the most delicate skins subject to diffused redness.

€48.00 incl tax

Uniline - Radiance complexion cream

This rich triple action cream , particularly effective and without any side effects, brightens the skin and creates an even and radiant complexion. Thanks to the natural extracts of kojic acid (brightening) and vine (powerfull anti-radical).

€45.00 incl tax