Slimlyse - Slimming Gel

This slimming gel contains highly concentrated active ingredients acting on the dissolution of fat. Supplemented by a cocktail of plant extracts with circulatory and draining properties, this non-greasy gel is absorbed quickly and does not adhere to the skin.
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- Slims the silhouette by promoting the decrease in the fat storage.

- Significantly improves the quality and appearance of the skin

- Promotes skin microcirculation by vasodilatation.

- Promotes drainage and therefore the discharge of the water excess and metabolic waste

- Restores to the skin its elasticity, flexibility and suppleness



Apply every night for at least for two weeks, a suitable dose of product
on the areas to treat. Massage with circular movements from the bottom up.

Attribute name Attribute value
Capacity 130 ml - airless
Ingredients Eau, Caféine, Extrait de Piment, Guarana, Extrait de Moutarde, Aescine, Lierre terrestre, Thé vert, Fucus vesicolasus, Thym.
Type de peau Tous types de peaux

Appliquer le Gel chaque soir, pendant au moins 3 semaines, sur les zones à traiter. Masser de façon énergique avec des mouvements circulaires du bas vers le haut du corps. Un gommage au préalable (Scruby gommage corps - 2 fois/semaine) augmentera l'efficacité du Gel.