Face skin care

Cyliane - Anti-ageing emulsion

This anti-ageing emulsion is a strong stimulating moisturizer. Its AcquaCell natural complex consists of extracts from watermelon (Citrulline), lentil (vitamin B5) and apple (ploysaccharides) providing the skin with its necessary moisture for 24 hours.

€40.00 incl tax

Detoxane - Detox city cream

Detoxane cleans off and protects skin cells against dangerous molecules. The purified extract of Swiss garden cress sprouts, with its highest concentration of phytonutrients, activates the skin detoxification system and enhances the resistance of the skin against pollutants and environmental stress factors. The concentrate of minerals and amino acids of the soft water pearl powder Illuminates the complexion. Detoxan is a must when living in polluted cities or environment.

€45.00 incl tax

Eyeline - Eye contour Gel.

Specifically designed for the delicate area of the eye contour this gel moisturizes and nourishes the skin in depth, smoothes instantly the crow’s feet wrinkles and relieves puffiness or dark circles caused by sluggish circulation. A must to be used at the first appearance of fine wrinkles (crows’ feet). Containing only natural ingredients the red color of this gel is obtained from BIO beetroot extract.

€39.90 incl tax

Lipline - Lip contour gel

A unique treatment to smooth the vertical lines of the lip contour. The brown algae extract acts in synergy with the edelweiss extract to stimulate the production of fibroblasts and promote the synthesis of collagen. The delicate skin of the lip area is fortified, while hyaluronic acid and oleracea extract smooth out fine lines.

€46.00 incl tax

Lumyline - Tonic lotion

This non-alcoholic toning lotion removes dead cells and impurities from the epidermis thanks to soft fruit acids. Extracts of Cucumber and Cornflower give the complexion, freshness, brightness and luminosity with maximum comfort. Lumyline tones and leaves on the skin a feeling of cleanliness, freshness and softness.

€40.00 incl tax

Mon Secret Beauté

A cause du temps qui passe, du climat, de l'environnement, de la pollution ou du style de vie, les besoins de votre peau changent tout au long de l'année. Prenez-les en compte aussitôt et maintenez une peau parfaite quelles que soient les circonstances. Composez votre soin du visage selon le besoin du moment: Peau Sèche, Detox, Éclat du teint ou Remodelant. L'expertise de la cosmétique suisse professionnelle au quotidien.

€149.00 incl tax €99.00 incl tax