Bēlēnsa - Face skin care ©

Fully equipped beauty kit for performing face skin care according to the Bēlēnsa - Face skin care method©.
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The Kysy© method notably reinforces the effectiveness of the treatments and the assimilation of the cosmetic actives by the skin for obtaining immediate and long lasting results.

Outstanding results

A perfect interaction of technology, methodology and actives.

The 3 technologies ensure the transport of agents at the right location. The method contributes to greater treatment effectiveness through faster, deeper and more thorough penetration of effective cosmetic actives. This perfect interaction provides the skin with every thing it needs to look fresh, younger and radiant.

The Sonophoresis
The sonic energy of ultrasounds is used to push the molecules of cosmetic actives trough the epidermis. It allows a faster and more homogeneous propagation, increasing considerably the treatment efficiency.

The Defibrousing
The 2.8 millions of high-speed vibrations per second act on the tissue just like 
a micro massage, improving skin tone, softness and texture.

The Chromo Stimulation
The cellular activity amplified by the orange (592 nm) light energy, increases blood and lymphatic flows, stimulates the fibroblast activity and thereby the synthesis of collagen and elastin.